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Working with Scott D. Brand as a Mediatior

Recently, I was asked by a potential client, why should I work with you? For a moment I was taken back. I quickly replied, because I’m good at what I do as I value meeting both parties' needs and ensuring impartiality. Later, I was reflecting on the question posed, and gave it additional thought.

Mediation with me isn’t really about me selling my services. This is about a client’s pain and struggle to get to a resolution and feeling validated and heard while also finding a solution together. Mediation is a service oriented profession. So by nature, it is about how I serve my customers and clients and what benefits THEY gain when working with me. Their conflicts and what sort of outcome they are looking for should be the reason why they choose to work with me in the mediation process. My goal and what I provide as a mediator is really about helping them get to a resolution on their “why”.


When asking yourself “why” you should work with any given mediator, you need to identify the values that are important in coming to a solution. If you value having someone you trust will guide you through the process, then that is a core value that your mediator should have.

If you value having a path forward that doesn’t result in long drawn out court battles then finding a mediator who aligns with those values is going to be part of the success you have in mediation and the longevity of the agreement.

Really looking inward before you hire a mediator and knowing what your values are and how they need to be aligned in the solution will also help me as your mediator get you to that end goal in the best possible way. As someone entering mediation, when you’ve identified those values, you can then ask questions about those values to the mediator to make sure it is a good fit for all parties involved.


Often people entering mediation are so stressed out about the conflict that they can’t see the benefits of what mediation can do for them. My style of communication throughout mediation is relaxed and easy going. I feel this is important because the legal process is so formal and rigid which can create more stress and anxiety for people. Those wanting to fight it out in court to win may struggle with the mediation process as it requires collaboration.

Focusing on how to help the parties collaborate to find solutions will ideally serve both parties best interests including the interests of any non-mediating parties like children or other employees in workplace scenarios. I believe in empowering individuals to use their intellect in the mediation process. Those who appreciate a direct, logical, and solution focused approach in determining their outcome to the problem will find the mediation process is one that can help them move forward and leave the past behind.


I am an individual who has had extensive experience both as an Executive Director of a Domestic Violence Shelter, but also as a Wilderness EMT. Through both of these experiences, I understand that atmosphere and environment is crucial to getting to a solution in areas of conflict.

I work hard to create an atmosphere where everyone involved in the mediation process treats one another with courtesy and respect as we work towards focusing on finding a solution to the problem you came to seek assistance with. Atmosphere that is governed by safety, respect, and understanding is one that encourages parties who may be closed off to negotiation, to then open up and trust a mediator to help facilitate the conversation forward.

Atmosphere also is set up by helping individuals recognize the role of a mediator in being unbiased. While the parties may not open up to each other, they may open up to a mediator if the atmosphere honors the ethics of remaining unbiased. By using reason and logic, combined with communication and trust, the parties can then pivot towards being solution focused and I am able to help them move towards an individualized solution where reason and logic prevail.

Solutions Focused:

Through these solutions, the parties exit the mediation process more inclined to follow through on agreements as they were integral and involved in the outcome. By ultimately helping them move forward in their lives instead of dwelling on the past, mediation is an opportunity for parties to let go and embrace new opportunities to find solutions. Solutions that the parties agree upon in mediation support not only growth but give closure and acceptance to many parties who are active in the conflict resolution process, that no other court case or litigation can offer.

To learn more about my services, both as a conflict resolution expert, public & private mediator, as well as current trainings, mentorship offerings and public speaking opportunities visit

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