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Conflict Resolution Management
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Workplace conflict happens. Creating policies, protocols, and building the necessary infrastructure to turn problems into solutions is what conflict resolution management entails. Often with personality differences in the work environment and inherent individual programming that we have as people, it can be hard to navigate workplace conflict. By implementing conflict resolution management systems workplaces can maximize efficiency and encourage company culture & community.

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Empowering participants to find a solution to their problems. People are more invested when they have a voice in the outcome and likely to abide and follow through with the solution if they are part of coming to the resolution. The goal of mediation is in identifying the problem, recognizing the issues between parties, leaving the past behind, and moving forward in an efficient manner towards the future. Mediation is there to meet everyone's needs. The steps to resolution in the mediation process are about getting to the best viable outcome between parties.

Divorce • Child Custody

& Domestic Violence Mediation

Small Claims &

Court Ordered Mediation

Animal Conflict

Resolution & Mediation

Corporate Mediation

& Human Resources Mediation

Neighborhood & Homeowners

Association Mediations

Estate and Family Settlement

Conflict Resolution & Mediation

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Inspiring individuals and groups to grow and learn in the areas of conflict resolution, and how to implement trainings and certifications in their personal and professional lives. By delivering a logical and deliberative approach to problem solving through humanizing shared life experiences with a blend of humor and insight, students are given opportunities to better understand and navigate the world of conflict resolution, problem solving and mediation.  

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How do we make real connections as men, and help men grow and develop beyond doubt and insecurity to overcome and reach our full potential? How do boys, learn to be men with healthy male patterning? We can't rely on boys to raise themselves. Mentorships look like advocating for safety, critical thinking, overcoming challenges, problem solving, and learning to communicate side by side. In doing things, and through shared experiences, they gain tools and skills needed to navigate life's challenges. 

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Large or small, I am able to address the importance, value, and need for conflict resolution through real world application, storytelling in a relatable and down to earth way. Through lived experiences, I hope to share what has inspired me as an individual with others, to empower them to step into their full potential and find unique solutions to the problems they are challenged with.




via Zoom

In many cases the parties can't always meet in person, whether it is sue to proximity to the mediator, or proximity due to partners. Zoom mediation is a great way to manage conflict and come to resolutions for parties that are otherwise location restricted.

Flexible Scheduling

We offer flexible scheduling for those who have standard 9-5 jobs and can't afford to take time off of work, or unable to find child care providers. Whether it's in person, or via remote on Zoom, we can plan accordingly to your schedule during the days, in the evenings or even on weekends.

in Person

While in-person may seem more intimidating initially to mediate conflicts, when you mediate in person you get the ability to know and trust he mediator in the process which helps in the conflict resolution process. 

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