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Empowering Solutions & Resolution through Mediation.

You can’t let go until you choose to move forward.

Too many of us get bogged down in the negativity and resentment brought on by unresolved conflict in our lives. Be it conflict with our partner (current or former), or a neighbor, coworker, or anyone else with whom we have unresolved conflict. Unresolved conflict can cost us our physical and mental well being, relationships, time, money, and most importantly, happiness if we allow ourselves to live in it and suffer.

Finding a positive and meaningful way to overcome conflict and restore peace into our lives is so important for our well being. This is where mediation & conflict resolution comes in. Why mediation? Why conflict resolution services? Because it empowers individuals to take control of the situation and find a way, through self-determination, to reach a resolution specific to their needs.

Not too long ago I was mediating a case for two men who used to be good friends. These former friends went into business together and through miscommunication, assumptions, and broken trust, were no longer able to speak to one another with respect and courtesy let alone maintain their friendship. Yes, they could have taken their issues to the court and let the judge decide who was right and who was wrong. However, these two men chose mediation, ultimately transforming their relationship and renewing the friendship by empowering them to communicate and finding an individualized solution.

Once they could sit down and focus on hearing each other and listen to their issues at hand, these men were able to focus on finding what worked for them both.

In assisting these men to better communicate and work through the conflict resolution process, I literally saw a transformation in their physical appearances as their faces relaxed, their bodies were no longer tense, and they began to treat one another with respect that for so long had been absent in their friendship.

Ultimately, one stood up and proclaimed, “we need to get over this shit and be friends again!” Smiling, they hugged and vowed to move forward with optimism in continuing to work together. Not only was their business saved but the lifelong friendship had been renewed. By resolving their differences in mediation, they discovered the conflicts they were both experiencing were not as insurmountable as they had once made it out to be.

Harnessing the possibilities of mediation in our lives leads to finding ways to learn, empower and utilize conflict resolution skills. Truly transformational changes can happen when giving individuals in conflict the opportunity to be heard, to listen, and most importantly, to find solutions.

Ready to move forward and find a resolution to conflicts you are dealing with? Contact me to learn how I can assist you in navigating and finding a solution which will benefit you.

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