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Who benefits from mediation?

I believe nearly every conflict, every disagreement would benefit from mediation. Real estate, evictions, pet disputes, workplace conflict, you name it and we should mediate. Why? Because working with people to solve their own conflicts is a win-win for everyone involved, it hands the power back to them instead of handing over that power to a judge.

Sure, it might be less work and less hassle to go before a judge and ask the judge to decide what their outcome is. However, does anyone like to just give their self-empowerment and self determination away to a stranger? Especially when it comes to your own “skin in the game.” Seeing people leave mediation with an agreement they made and wanted to work with is way more empowering than having a stranger dictate how your life is going to be. Courts are a win-lose proposition Mediation is more often a win-win.

As a bit of a math geek, I love numbers and the truth they tell. According to statistical research, a financial ruling by a judge only results in a 37% of final judgment re-payment, versus a 93% agreement repayment when there is a mediated agreement where the parties come to the resolution themselves. What does this tell us? Mediation collaboration works because people are invested and have been part of the process in choosing their desired outcome.

I love working with people in finding solutions to conflict. Watching them thrive as they go through the mediation process, and in creating their own solutions. I believe people know what they need, sometimes they just need some assistance in getting through the process to reach a resolution.

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