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The Benefits of Virtual Mediation

Updated: Mar 15, 2022

Since the onset of the pandemic in 2020, our world has changed. A huge shift in the ability to connect with individuals remotely has created more accessibility and broken down barriers in being able to meet the needs of individuals from all walks of life in mediation.

For the past two years, as mediators, we have had to learn to adapt. I have been able to see, first hand, the significant number of benefits that mediating remotely can offer.


Virtual mediation is a game-changer for creating safety in high conflict situations. High conflict mediation needs a more specialized approach which a virtual environment helps provide.

As a former executive director of a domestic violence and sexual assault crisis center, I’ve seen some pretty scary situations. By using a virtual platform, this creates a solution by ensuring both parties safety as they participate in mediation. Not only in providing the safety of mediating from their own space, but in having physical distance between the parties in conflict.

Safe mediation looks like empowering parties to mediate effectively by virtual means. It ensures the client’s self determination is met while empowering both parties to create a solution.


For the past two years, I’ve been helping people mostly from afar, working remotely. As our society has become increasingly more comfortable with FaceTime, Zoom, and the concept of remote services have expanded, it has been a natural progression to mediate remotely for convenience.


Another benefit of virtual mediation is creating accessibility for individuals to succeed in mediation. I do everything I can to assist the client, or parties in conflict, in ensuring they are prepared and have enough knowledge to meet the challenges they may have initially with the technology needed for virtual mediation. By spending a little time on the front end, I am able to customize the mediation experience to ensure meeting virtually is achievable for almost everyone no matter what their location or situation is.


In the past 2 years I have mediated hundreds of cases virtually and have been able to provide a safe, productive, and meaningful experience for my clients. On a national level, mediation resolution rates stand at around 69%. In my experience as a mediator working virtually I am seeing a 91% resolution rate among the cases I’ve completed. I am here to assist you in meeting your needs and assisting you through the virtual mediation process. If you have questions about whether mediation remotely is right for you, contact me below.

As we continue to navigate this changing world we live in, I am excited for the opportunity to assist my clients meet their needs and create solutions to the conflict in their world.

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